Apollo ORBIS Marine

Orbis is a range of conventional detectors which has been developed with sophisticated technology previously only found in intelligent detectors. Orbis is a range with modern styling and incorporates a mounting base which saves installation time Apollo Orbis offers conventional fire detection devices, as well as manual call points

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Klaxon Signal Nexus 110

Klaxon Signals are specialists in the design and manufacture of world-class signalling equipment. Through innovation and technical expertise, Klaxon Signals produce state-of-the-art audible and visual signaling equipment, protecting and informing millions of people around the world. Klaxon Signal’s audible and visual signalling equipment are primarily used in Fire Evacuation, Industrial Signalling and Mass Notification applications

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Apollo offers five distinct ranges, including analogue addressable and conventional fire detection devices, as well as a host of ancillary products such as sounders, visual indicators and manual call points
Specialising in the design, development and manufacture of high performance electronic sounders, intelligent voice annunciators and flash alarms for industrial, heavy duty, marine and hazardous environments.
KAC is the market leader for indoor and outdoor manual call points. KAC products are third party approved to ensure the highest quality and safety.
Vimpex are acknowledged experts in voice sounder and audible/visual evacuation technology.From its highly efficient distribution warehouse, Vimpex can supply this complete range of voice sounders, audible and visual alarms and accessories